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Wearable tech firm Spinali Design revealed its Essential jeans, which tell the wearer which direction to take by sending vibrations down their left or rights sides, indicating which way to turn. The jeans connect to the user’s smartphone and apps through Bluetooth and are also able to alert wearers to incoming calls, texts, emails or set an alarm using the vibrations.

Equipped with two vibrating sensors on the belt and connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, this product offers new features that integrate into your daily environment.

The geolocation feature allows you to navigate through your urban journeys using guiding vibrations either on the right or left side of your Essential jeans. This technology provides an easier, and above all, more intuitive option to help you find your car or your meeting place, for example.

More fun features called “Ping” will satisfy those who want to interact with their surroundings through vibration that can be customized in terms of duration, frequency and intensity. This is useful for when you want to discreetly attract someone’s attention, or for open offices, or for students.

The system can also be programmed to inform you if you are running late. With its integrated push button, this clothing of the future has numerous uses: security alerts, home support, geolocation of your children, a solution for the problem of isolated workers, etc.

Retail prices range from $87 for a pair of shorts to $109 for jeans, and you can check them out here.

My 5 cents on this: it’s good and bad. Good for locating your kids, and help you with directions, or even to find your car.
But, on the other hand, this is just one more “trap” or “gimmick” to control your life, like those video cameras when you enter a store, or even on the streets – what about our precious privacy? Going, going, gone. ?


  1. What a trashy photo at the top of the page.

    Seems like the company is giving out a message regarding the vibrating technology that is not technical.

  2. Trashy, insulting photo. Really bad marketing.
    Blue tooth use increases SAR. We all need our cell phones but we need to be smart about needless radiation.

  3. What a time to be alive! I think these are a very interesting concept but very gimmicky.

  4. IoT is getting out of hand. Makes no sense to me for your clothes to do this. And when there is another DDOS attack the technology you paid extra for is worthless. Not to mention a person’s phone already does what this line claims it can do. Waste your money on an apple watch instead.
    And the picture above tells me they are trying to target males into buying their product for wife or girlfriend.

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