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Catering to a worldwide audience, VICUNHA TEXTIL focuses on innovation and sustainability for the coming Spring/Summer 2018 season. In line with market trends, the denim washes and printed ranges focus on comfort hi-performance and new technologies to enhance the lifestyle of the customer.

In the High Technology line, Dry yarn technology is introduced to everyday denims to enhance the wearer’s sense of well being, offering climatic control and ultimate comfort.

The Eco Recycle denim line underlines the company’s policy of recycling and minimizing energy resources in the making of its fabrics. By using 80% less water as well as harvesting and re-using energy to maximum efficiency, this range creates innovative products for our sustainable partners.

The Shirting collection is right on trend with interesting texture and weave effects. Dobbies and stripes create the main part of the range but VICUNHA now also includes creative plaids with an authentic feel, maintaining a fashionable edge.

The Perfect Fit collection does exactly what it says. It offers a perfect fit concept by utilizing the best technological advanced and spinning techniques combined with superb elasticity to provide maximum comfort and a perfect fit. Special dyes have been used to create true authenticity, deep indigo shades and retro casts sit side by side with new hyper blues in the mix.

A fresh injection of newness has brought lightness and charm to the collection. Hi performance stands next to authenticity and chic sportiness, to create a fresh and new approach for the season ahead.

tie dyed denim


  1. Denim makers need to get specific about their “advancements” to get my attention. I have been promised the moon over and over again.

    These looks are very forever 21.

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