Denim designer Maurice Malone discusses the new Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY, denim store in Williamsburg Garment Company’s new video commercial. WGC is an American made jeans brand specializing in raw denim for men and women. And most intriguing is the fact that it’s a one-man show!

The Williamsburg Garment Company is based in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY – showing serious pride for the neighborhood the designer has lived and worked in for nearly 20 years. All styles are named after streets located in Williamsburg. The jeans are designed, warehoused and shipped from Brooklyn. Since May of 2013, the jeans have been mainly produced with Cone Mills Denim from North Carolina and sewn and washed in Los Angeles, California.

Maurice takes care of everything by himself. This includes being in charge of the designing and manufacturing of the jeans, as well as taking care of his cozy and adorable store in Brooklyn.

All of us here @Denimology are impressed of how Maurice’s WGF is growing and becoming more and more known within the circle of the real denim heads.

We will be posting more about all that is happening out there in Brooklyn and also review some of the WGF’s denim, so stay tuned. Meantime you can see on the image below all the details that Maurice so carefully designed to make the jeans perfectly fitted and absolutely unique.

You can buy Williamsburg Garment Factory jeans on their website.

raw denim


  1. Kudos to Maurice.

    I like the unexpected details like the stars and stripes twill pocket bags.

  2. Perhaps Malone can be featured on ABC News in one of their segments entitled “Made In America.”

    • Raw denim is untreated denim, as opposed to denim that has been washed or treated in any way before manufacturing the jeans. Raw denim also signifies that there will be a certain amount of shrinking and bleeding when you wash them for the first time.

    • I would love to see a feature on you Maurice on Made In America.

      I have already sent this great idea to David Muir at ABC News.

  3. Respect!To Maurice Malone great jeans,
    and good workmanship.I have been following him since Mojeans

    • Respect and admiration – totally. Maurice is everything we want a denim brand to be: straightforward, no frills and no half naked women’s ad campaigns lol!

  4. Raw denim doesn’t sound good to me. I want the denim washed and dried before sewing. I like to know what I’m getting. Still, if Maurice sells jeans that look work on skinny girls, maybe held up with a belt, or oversized jackets, I will give them a try because of who Maurice is and his great style.

    • I suggest that before you buy your jeans you contact Maurice and ask him. He is doing a totally rad new denim line for women and he will have jeans with stretch ….but not your average blah stretch skinnies! This I can promise you:)

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