Zendaya turned a massive snowstorm into a photo-shoot and she looked so effortlessly beautiful and happy!

It may have been blizzarding in New York City this past Saturday, but that didn’t stop Zendaya from having the best day.

Rather than cuddle up in bed with hot chocolate and a movie like many of us, she hit the streets for the most amazing snowy photo-shoot. Clad in black skinny jeans, a denim jacket with Sherpa lining, and sneakers, (which she acknowledged, isn’t quite blizzard apparel), she spent her afternoon posing under the Manhattan Bridge. Check out this super cute video above where she is looking like a snow angel spinning around as snowflakes fly around her.

In addition to looking gorgeous, she just looks so happy. So for those of you grumbling about winter, channel your inner Zendaya and get out there and explore!

Get your butt into a pair of black skinnies – find an amazing array here, a Sherpa denim jacket, and – if you’re not about dancing in the cold, I suggest some warm quilted puffer coat!

double denim


  1. At first I thought so what? There is nothing special going on here & the music sounds like a phone ap infomercial. Then I thought how nice that we aren’t watching someone dancing around in cheeky shorts or some other vulgar outfit.

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