pink jeans

Bella Thorne clad in an ALL pink outfit actually made me feel like having some strawberry ice-cream right now, I SCREAM!

Too much pink in one single outfit for my taste, even though I might go for one or the other pink SINGLE item in an outfit.

Bella paired her super skinny, almost painted on jeans (or rather jeggings?) with a rip on each knee with *a pink camisole top, a *pink leather jacket, *pink printed socks, and – yeah, right – *pink Timberland booties?! A total of four shades of pink. Oh, I almost forgot – there is that pink fluffy ball on Bella’s handbag, too! 😉

Not really what I would wear anytime soon anywhere, but if you love the pink skinnies or jeggings, you can grab a pair from Jen7, Joe’s – these are more like “real” jeans (92% cotton) and not jeggings, and 7 for All Mankind.

skinny jeans


  1. Not flattering even from these carefully chosen angles. Skin tight skinny jeans are tricky. This fabric is awful.

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