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Charlotte McKinney in Blue and Black Double Denim

Charlotte McKinney in Blue and Black Double Denim

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Charlotte McKinney was spotted in a double denim ensemble as she was enjoying a day out in Los Angeles.

She paired a black oversized denim jacket with a pair of skintight blue jeans with quite some holes and distressing. The denim jacket is from daniel patrick. It’s actually a men’s jacket, and features super cool zippers on the back of the sleeves, almost up to the elbows. She completed her look with a pair of classic white leather ADIDAS Stan Smith sneakers and carried a Versace handbag.

Charlotte’s jeans are a very stretchy, almost sprayed on, style and they fit her perfectly. As a super model she really doesn’t have to worry about any bumps or cellulite showing through all the rips.

You can buy skinny super tight jeans from Levi’s, Topshop, and at Nordstrom.

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  1. These jeans are well tailored and the back pockets are perfect. I usually hate rips but these are in the right place and perfect for the hot weather around the corner. If you find out who made them, please let us know! I thought they might be frame, but nothing on their site is this well ripped.
    I don’t understand people who wear sneakers that squeeze the big toe inward on a slant. The whole point it to be comfortable and agile. I hate to think of what her feet will look like at the end of the day and what they will look like in a year if she keeps wearing shoes like this.
    The outfit is perfect. Love the sunglasses. But the jeans are the star of the show. If skinny jeans don’t fit like this, in real life, I see no point in wearing them, as there are other flattering styles available

    • what’s wrong with one of the world’s most loved original Adidas sneakers???? I have been seeing them worn in Asia, Europe and of course, here in the US……

      • If you wear them all day, you will discover that your toes slant into a point. Keep wearing them and you are likely to develop foot and alignment problems, not to mention ugly feet. The shoes that we wear the most often should be shaped like heathy feet so that our toes have room to spread into a healthy position. Take a look at topo athletic and lems.

  2. PS, I just noticed the whiskering in front is pretty bad. But the cut of the jeans still makes them great.

  3. I enjoy this outfit. It’s nice and casual without looking sloppy. The jeans look beautiful on her.

  4. i really like the outfit too. but i think those shoes are overrated. maybe it’s because i remember every kid in middle school wearing them back in the early 00’s.

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