Gigi Hadid, who is in Milan now for the upcoming Milan fashion week, showed us yet another interesting way how to “play” with your denim.

She paired her to the extreme trashed One Teaspoon Saints jeans with a hip-highlighting brown turtleneck bodysuit and wore her jeans very low slung, showing the high cut of the bodysuit to full effect.

Gigi completed her outfit with an army green shearling coat and a pair of beige stiletto lace up booties, both from the Yeezy collection.

Do we see this as a new trend? Highlighting your hips with a very revealing bodysuit underneath super low rise jeans, and showing lots of leg with totally shredded jeans? I have seen the totally trashed jeans worn quite a lot during this past summer in New York City, but I was never very convinced. You need to totally have perfect model legs to carry these off. And unfortunately, I can’t remember not even one person where I would have loved to stop her on the street to do some Instagrams. I usually see fat rolls around the knees and cellulite all over the legs, so please look in the mirror before leaving your house! 😉

Gigi’s Saints jeans are sold out (why am I not surprised!), but you can find similar trashed jeans from the master-of-trashed-jeans, One Teaspoon, at Yoox, Revolve, and at Shopbop.


  1. These body suits are vulgar and I’m tired of seeing them.
    I love the jeans – on someone with show-off worthy legs.
    Other than the body suit, I love this outfit.
    I agree, I keep seeing women who would look great in something else, spotlighting exactly the places that they should play down. Most people don’t have great knees. No one has to know if you simply don’t wear sliced jeans or put the slice in a cerefully selected place that shows an area that can be shown off. Same with skinny jeans. If your lower body and legs are where you want attention, simply buy a different cut. There are so many styles to choose from. Wear what makes you look great, feels comfortable and lasts a long time.

  2. I meant if dont want to put attention on your lower body and legs, don’t wear skinny jeans. I have to stop posting from phone. 🙂

  3. I enjoy the jeans. I personally love the completely blown out knees. But I can’t with that body suit!!

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