ripped jeans

Gwen Stefani’s look here is actually nothing special. It’s a regular jeans/tee/sneaker outfit. The reason why I posted these images is because I have been suffering a lot from the misuse of the term “boyfriend jeans”.

For example, I do not in any way agree to the term of SLIM boyfriend jeans. There is no such a thing. Slim boyfriend jeans are nothing more than baggier fitting regular straight leg jeans with tapered legs. The use of the term girlfriend jeans is the totally right word for these.

Boyfriend jeans are supposed to be the jeans that you actually borrow, or steal, or rip off your boyfriend LOL!!

They should have low back pockets, like men’s jeans usually do, be a bit saggy at the butt and large at the legs without being tapered. So, here you go – Gwen did it right in all terms!

You can either buy a pair of men’s jeans and oversize them, like I always do with my Levi’s 501 – I only buy the original fit, though. I also constantly wear one of the super cool and edgy PRPS men’s jeans in my favorite fit, the Barracuda, because of the low rise and straight leg. Men generally do not wear high rise jeans 😉

You should also check out some “real” boyfriend jeans, in the true sense of the word, from Citizens of Humanity, the Corey. Another good option are the Current/Elliott jeans, that’s the brand that came up with the “boyfriend jean” in first place..

boyfriend jeans


  1. LOVE. These are especially good jeans, and very flattering, except for the halo on the back side. Love the long pockets. If I knew who made these jeans, I would buy them, despite the halo at the seat. This is by far the best I have ever seen her look. I would love to see her with a cleaned up, glossy, health hair cut and no makeup.

  2. PS. Please give instructions for sizing up a men’s jean to fit like this. Can this be done with raw denim straight or is it too stiff?
    BTW, on second look I would not buy these jeans because the light and dark areas in the back are just too embarrassing. But the fit, drape and drop are ideal and super flattering.

  3. Amen on these thoughts on boyfriend jeans. And further, if your boyfriend is/was a proper men’s jeans afficionado, then these jeans you stole from him must be Levi’s 501 shrink-to-fits, worn to destroyed perfection.

    • I’m a little sad that Levi’s is diluting the 501 brand with the 501 CT and 501 Skinny jeans. I appreciate what they’re doing with these new fits, but just wished they used a different name than 501.

      • Levi’s is actually keeping the original Levi’s 501’s, they are just modernizing because there are a lot of “millenniums” out there who do not appreciate a real classic good old pair Levi’s…. You could just ignore the new styles and stick to the classics. But, even though I am a vintage Levi’s obsessed denim freak, I have to admit that the new 501 Skinny without stretch has me hooked!

    • No, these are definitely not Levi’s – but the 501’s do have a very similar fit if you wear the men’s and up-size 🙂

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