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Kelly Brook – How NOT to Wear Skinny Jeans

Kelly Brook – How NOT to Wear Skinny Jeans

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Kelly Brooke may be hot and super sexy, but in these jeans ….oh well!

She is the perfect example here of what you should avoid when choosing skinny jeans. First off, the fabric of these jeans is obviously thin and too stretchy, therefore creating all the folds along the front and back of Kelly’s legs. And they are folding even over her butt as you can see clearly in the image below,

In Kelly’s case here it’s not even a question of choosing the wrong size, but of choosing the wrong denim fabric. If you do not have a super model body, beware of too thin and too stretchy denim fabrics. Rather go for a medium or heavier weight. Thicker denim will hold your stuff together and is also more form fitting. Mainly it will not create all these folds and bumps along your legs, which are simply awful.

Here are some suggestions for skinny jeans made of a heavier denim and with less or no stretch: Citizens of Humanity Racer Whiskered Skinny Jeans (98% cotton), Current/Elliott The Stiletto (98% cotton), One Teaspoon Freebirds (100% cotton), GRLFRND Karolina High Rise (100% cotton), and Joe’s Collector Edition The Icon (98% cotton).

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  1. The fabric of these jeans looks like it’s inventing problems probably because of excessive horizontal stretch and no vertical stretch. I bet they looked perfect when she got them and bagged out to this.

    She has a great shape and I think she could easily pull off a pair of rag & bone skinny jeans, which are well-cut for her proportions (smaller seat/fuller thigh combo).

    I like the simplicity of this outfit.

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