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Key-house is an “Innovation and Creativity Center” at Munich Fabric Start which has awarded Soorty for innovating “Denim Active”.

Soorty is a leading vertically integrated denim manufacturer from Pakistan with a new concept of “Denim Active”, which blurs the lines between casual wear and sportswear. In a world where healthy lifestyles combine with busy schedules, daily outfits need that same cross-over. It can be worn while doing any exercise, cycling, shopping, or, just relaxing at home.

And there is a very important additional detail for all of those who love to do their activities when it’s dark outside: reflecting tapes on the legs are designed to be visible at night for safety.

“Denim Active” contains Coolmax eco-made® fiber which ensures moisture management and is made from 97% recycled resources such as plastic bottles. While working out the body temperature increases, Coolmax helps to evaporate sweat, it keeps you cool and dry. The 360 degree stretch in a light weight fabric allows you to make free body movements. “Denim Active” is soft and comfortable yet still maintains the actual denim look and feel in a specially engineered second skin silhouette.