double denim

Kylie Jenner was out in a rainy and freezing New York night, clad in a double denim outfit.

But this time I am not at all loving the way she paired her two totally different, but very similar light blue washed jacket and jeans.

Her oversized denim jacket from Icons Levi’s is in a blue vintage wash, while her skinny jeans, which are a pair of the AGOLDE Roxanne super high rise jeans, are in totally different shade of blue, nothing vintage wash-like here, but more like a medium to light blue.

When you go for a double denim outfit, the pieces need to either be in contrasting colors or washes, or the exact same shade. It’s perfectly cool, for example, to wear dark blue with light blue, or black and vintage blue denim. Otherwise the outfit looks either careless or you come across s a denim nerd – or worse!

This is a mistake that I see happening a lot, unfortunately – not so much with celebrities, because their stylists usually know better, but with people I see out there…

At any rate, Kylie tried hard, and added that fashionable enormously long blue sued belt (in another shade of blue, yet), and a pair of transparent Yeezy Season 3 PVC Ankle Boots – we’re so grateful that these ain’t blue as well! They are actually transparent (sold out).

You can buy the Icons Levi’s denim trucker jacket here, and if you want to oversize like Kylie did, you can also opt for one of the men’s Levi’s trucker jackets, available here.

oversized denim jackets


  1. The jacket looks awful with this belt. She does look like she’s trying hard, with poor results. I’m usually OK with the mix of almost any shades of indigo. The belt almost ties in the light blue jeans. But the outfit still has zero style.

    The boots are really cool. Except, they also perfectly illustrate what happens to feet when wearing a center pointed shoe. And she didn’t even size up. Steve Martin wrote a short story about shoes like this. Her big toe is at a 15 degree angle. Imagine how ugly her feet are going to be if she regularly wears shoes in this shape. This is the western version of foot binding and women are doing it voluntarily.

    These boots would have been just as chic with the point moved all the way over to point directly ahead, in the direction that the big toe should point, and sized up to avoid toe squeeze. Of course these boots would be fun to wear for a couple of hours, and then right back to healthy foot shaped shoes or barefoot or yoga toes, to recover.

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