Lana Del Rey made her way out of a salon in Beverly Hills, grabbing a coffee. She wore a pair of dark grey skinny ankle jeans, a long sleeved black coop-neck t-shirt, and a pair of nude ballet slippers.

Lana’s jeans don’t have any distressing or rips, but very distinctive whiskering on the upper part of the jeans, along the belly and hips. We have no problem with whiskering when it looks – or better still – it IS natural, but on Lana’s jeans the distressing looks totally artificial. This has been a big issue since forever with a lot of jeans, especially, when the fading is also exaggerated on the back side around the butt.

HELLO BRANDS, please refrain from overdoing the fading and whiskering! We want “natural” looking jeans!

You can buy great AND “natural” looking grey jeans from Articles of Society – very delicate whiskering on the sides of the hip and none on the back, Closed, and J Brand.


  1. The exaggerated whiskering isn’t showing up online, but I am so tired of faux broken in jeans. I hated them from day one. Put up with it for a few years. Now faux whiskering embarrasses me. I don’t want to look like I’m wearing imitation jeans.

    I like that these jeans aren’t ripped, I like gray and I like that these jeans aren’t cropped. They seem to fit her well.

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