skinny lace-up jeans

Lottie Moss was spotted out at night in London, wearing a pair of lace-up black jeans and a black furry coat with leather sleeves.

Her jeans are one of the “medium-trend” lace up jeans – I don’t think that this style has actually caught on a lot. I can imagine that it is quite difficult to carry off if you don’t have supermodel legs. But they do look great on Lottie, especially with the black pumps. A great ensemble for a night out in town.

Lottie finished off her outfit with a black cross-body bag and held a fluffy pink ball in her hands.

French Connection has the Resin Biker Lace Up Skinny Jeans. And there is also a vegan leather lace-up pair available from BLANKNYC – these are only half way laced, if you prefer to be less “showy”, and the same goes for the Hudson Nix crop lace-up skinnies.

cropped jeans


  1. side lace up is a great idea for skinny jeans because it camoflages the horizontal bunching that often happens anyway. I’d love a pair in stretch denim that isn’t faux faded, to let them fade on their own with the pattern from the lacing. I’m glad the trend isn’t catching on because I will find a pair and wear it a lot.

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