cropped denim jackets

Lucy Hale was photographed enjoying a day out at a flea market in Los Angeles.

She was wearing a double denim ensemble consisting of an insane and eye-catching medium blue denim jacket an a pair of skinny black jeans with rips at the knee.

Her denim jacket is quite interesting: it is cropped and has what looks like some furry fabric, or maybe even fake fur, attached so that the jacket reaches down below the waist. The cuffs of the jacket are made with black leather, maybe faux leather, hard to tell from just looking at an image. I suppose that this is either a custom made jacket or something that Vanessa actually bought at the flea market! And the medium blue vintage-y wash goes perfectly with the the black jeans.

We are also loving Vanessa’s shoes, believe it or not, these are actually Timberland – the Timberland Lucille Boots, super cool and edgy. The small cross body bag that Vanessa added to carry her stuff is totally cool, featuring a silver links and leather strap, it is the Salar Milano “Carol” handbag.

You can buy black ripped jeans at Nordstrom and at – this site is super cool with many different brands to choose from and LOTS of extremely good sales, and also a no hassle return policy.

black ripped jeans


  1. I like the proportions of this outfit. I would have liked the jacket better with a drapey fabric added to the jacket, or with the jacket without the added fabric and worn over an especially nice flannel shirt. The skinny jeans look ideal from what I can see and she has the legs for them.

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