canadian tuxedo

Raf Simons’ new spin on the Canadian tuxedo at Calvin Klein

Denim Is Trending

Raf Simons re imagined it for Calvin Klein, as a retro, vaguely Western uniform of slouchy boot cut jean and matching jacket. Meanwhile, Adam Selman used it as a canvas for embroidered roses on 50s-style boyfriend jeans, trench coats, jumpsuits and jackets. While Tibi turned it into workwear, layering a long denim skirt over denim tailored trousers.

So, I think we can safely call this one: double and tripe denim is becoming a thing at New York Fashion Week.

Adam Selman’s jeans and roses

Tibi’s take on double-denim (it’s a one-piece midi denim skirt worn over a pair of straight leg jeans, it took me a couple of minutes to figure this one out!)

And Jonathan Simkhai doubles down (this one was another “puzzle”: it’s a pair of double waist hi rise jeans and a separate tube like denim top, worn over a button down victoria-esque blouse whoa!)


  1. The Calvin Klein jeans are ok. Surprisingly badly made shirt with them. The rest of these pieces are don’ts. When they wear these clothes, it’s hard to notice that these women are beautiful.

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