fringe jeans

Olivia Palermo was spotted looking quite stylish during London Fashion Week.

She stepped out in frayed black jeans which she wore with a patched oversized white shirtย  and a military jacket from Markus Lupfer, whose fashion show she was attending. You can see her in the image below with the designer.

Olivia’s fringe jeans have been the biggest hit this past summer and fall, and even though they look pretty cool, we are growing a bit tired of this look. That’s the problem with all items that are “too” fashion, you get tired of them. Or you feel like they are so past season and won’t wear them anymore. One more reason to stick to some classic and vintage jeans, or, at least, not too fashionably embellished, cropped, frayed, etc. etc. pairs. I am sure you understand where I am going!

If you are looking for jeans with fringes, 3×1 has them, and so does Topshop.

There is also an option to have a bit less of a fringe, check out the IRO Freddy Fringed Flared Jeans which are on sale right now, and the Frankie Fringe Boyfriend jeans.


  1. I LOVE this outfit and she looks amazing. I haven’t seen this fringe on the sidewalk yet in LA, only in pictures. This is the best I have seen it look. It’s the shoes. Usually, I hate high heels, but the design and color of these shoes works well with these jeans and the outfit. She looks comfortable and agile in the picture. I doubt the was comfortable in the shoes, though. Same detail and color in a flat or small heel would be better. I love the shirt and jacket. The outfit would not have been as cool without the fringe.
    I get tired of trends too, but I’m tired of saturated trends, like whiskering and halo highlighted butts. Of course, I never liked faux distress. I hope I won’t see fringe everywhere because I love it.

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