The Cooper Collection by Lee Cooper Pearl Skinny in Raw Jeans Review-Front View

Hey Denimology Family! I’m pleased to share with you my first review of 2017 featuring The Cooper Collection by Lee Cooper, the Pearl Skinny Jeans in Raw.

Lee Cooper denim was founded over one hundred years ago, so it’s safe to say the brand knows a thing or two about denim. The Cooper Collection by Lee Cooper features the company’s premium raw denim line. The Pearl Skinny in Raw is handmade using Italian Selvedge denim and prove to be a reliable and customizable pair of mid-rise jeans for anytime of day.

I wore the Pearl Skinny in Raw on a recent Denver Saturday when I had a jam packed schedule! In the morning on the way to a birthday brunch I noticed the unique untreated raw fabric which is the main attraction of these skinnies. The denim has not undergone the chemical processes that prevent shrinkage and dye transfer which allows the fabric to mold to your body and create natural fading over time. Combined with the selvedge feature that seals the edges to prevent fraying, these are some seriously long lasting custom jeans! I’ve never worn raw denim before and as the day went on I did notice my hands looked slightly discolored. Beware clean freaks: stay away from white couches as you wear in these jeans and the brand recommends waiting at least four months before washing the denim. (You can do it!)

The Cooper Collection by Lee Cooper Pearl Skinny in Raw Jeans Review- Closeup

By Saturday afternoon I settled into the fit of the Pearl Skinny and headed to a furniture shopping date. In these photos I’m wearing a size 29 and as you can see the non stretch fabric fits me like a glove. Size 29 is one size larger than I normally wear so I highly suggest you do the same when purchasing a pair of the Pearl Skinny. As I’m wearing a size up, the length was longer than I’m used to. Thankfully denim cuffing in back in style so this was a perfect excuse to roll up the bottom of my jeans!

Later that night when I met up with friends for dinner and I paired the Pearl Skinny with high peep toe booties to go with the length of the pants. You can see these jeans have a rose gold zipper, button, and rivets on the front that dress up the denim. While the bold tan stitching is a subtle reminder that you’re wearing the well-known Lee brand. The Cooper Collection is further denoted on the right back pocket with a red diamond stud and a with red and white stripe on the rear center belt loop.

The Cooper Collection managed to create a classic yet versatile pair skinnies, just for you. The Pearl Skinny is casual enough for the day and easily transferable to night. Plus they only get better with time!

The Cooper Collection by Lee Cooper Pearl Skinny in Raw are available here.

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  1. No-stretch jeans, worn skin tight to the point of zipper spread in the body and seat and easier in the legs? You look nice in them, but why suffer? (You would look great in Rag & Bone skinny jeans, which are well cut for your body.)
    Why wear jeans that shed dye? Why wear jeans for 4 months without washing? In what way are these definitively conventional jeans custom?
    The Lee Cooper men’s Harry jeans look interesting. I’d like to see them sized up to fit like this.
    The marketing for Lee Cooper reminds me of The Emperor’s New Clothes. But, I still think the Harry might look great.

    • I am going to butt in here because I am a selvedge and raw denim addict: first off, in order to be beautiful you have to suffer first – think Brazilian Wax, bleaching teeth, Botox, exfoliation, and fillers, just to mention a few LOL, oh, and hot iron for your curly hair 😉
      Same with selvedge jeans, you have to “suffer” through the period of adjustment with them, not washing them so they will totally adhere to your body and therefore they will be customized to your form and shape.
      I definitely recommend for any denim lover to go this way at least once in your denim life!

      • 🙂 Not me. I don’t do any of those things. I think comfort and agility are the foundation of beauty. Not ot mention, these skinny jeans are not special. On the other hand, the Harry might be.
        Do you have any advise on how to size up the Harry jeans to fit like the gwen stefani jeans?
        BTW, just out of curiosity, why would dirty jeans conform to your body? And why not buy jeans that are well tailored to your body type instead?

        • Why not break in untreated jeans for a custom fit that fits your body better than any jeans off the rack will? Half the fun for denim addicts here is watching the jeans change to fit and reflect your lifestyle. I guess it’s not for everyone. I have two pairs of raws and they are awesome…I’m working on breaking them in but from everything I’ve heard, once they break in they are a dream! Also, you can wash raws after awhile, or soak them…depending on whether they are sanforized (pre-shrunk) or not. You don’t have to go forever without washing them, but it’s best not to until the fades become more bold and jeans become more broken in. Do some Googling, there are truly some gorgeous fades out there that people have gotten which are naturally one of a kind!

  2. Fierce raw denim i recived my norris cooper denim last week i love thanks guys for the denim win.

    Truely miguel angel kiro irizarry

  3. Thanks cooper denim the raw denim are fierce and to handsome when i open up the box i say wow wow wow



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