high waisted skinny jeans

Continuing the “saga” of one of our worst denim nightmares, the sliding down jeans, here is what Siwy tells us:

“We are totally aware of this issue and for that reason we have developed the Jackie, a high rise skinny, and the Brooke, a super high rise skinny.

Both styles were designed with a balance of the waist band and scoop crotch in mind.

Moving forward and to keep the authenticity of the 501 Levis look, we are using a better balance of a straight AND contoured waistband. We believe using only the contoured waistband is not modern enough in today’s market even though it better secures the waist line. That is why we have created a waistband that is both a modern look and a secure comfort.”

And here is some extra good news for the super skinny ladies among you – Siwy’s sizes start at 23:-)
Check out more Siwy Denim here.


  1. A high waist does give more room to slide before things get serious. Sliding down is partly due to bending and sitting which put vertical pull on the jeans. Denim that stretches up and down and recovers completely and repeatedly, like a (non compression) lulu yoga legging, is most of the answer. If you have ever taken a yoga class, you know what I’m talking about. Bending causes slide down and even stretch in all directions is key to preventing it. I have never seen denim that does that durably, but that’s what is needed.
    Be careful not to wear a super high waist skinny that hooks inward above the hip bones. Sitting causes a tug of war between the waist and the crotch, causing discomfort and quickly damaging the shape of the jeans. A super high rise requires a lower crotch. (This is a lesson learned from the JBrand Carolina, which looks great new and standing up. The JBrand Maria or Alana are better choices.)
    Be careful about pocket placement and size. When the rise goes up, the pockets should not go up because your seat does not. Nothing implies floppy butt like a pair of super high rise skinny jeans with pockets that don’t cover the lower seat –especially after they break in a bit and a crease forms under the seat. And of course lightened fabric at the seat is a DON’T!

  2. I’m glad to see them come out with a high rise and a super high rise to combat sliding jeans. I love the way their jeans fit so I know these would fit like a dream. I really enjoy the Brooke super high rise you linked to, they look very sleek and tailored well on the model.

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