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The Sliding Down Syndrome – Invista Lycra Advice

The Sliding Down Syndrome – Invista Lycra Advice
American Eagle Outfitters AEO Denim X Super Low Jegging

Continuing our series of trying to figure out how to avoid one of the most annoying “side-effects” of wearing skinny jeans, The Sliding Skinnies Syndrome (SSS!!), we have asked the people from mega brand, Invista for their advice.

“Jeans have the problem of sliding down often because they’re stretching out when you’re wearing them. They may fit in the morning when you put them on but as the day goes by they lose their shape.

Our patented LYCRA® dualFX® technology helps solve the problem of bag and sag. Two stretch LYCRA® fibers are combined – one provides extra flexibility and comfort while the other provides lasting fit.

Jeans using this technology have an amazing fit that lasts all day, every day. Customers should look for the LYCRA® logo when shopping for jeans for a comfortable fit that lasts.”

LYCRA® dualFX® technology are available at many brands and retailers in the US, including American Eagle Outfitters, Tommy Bahama, and DL1961.

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DL1961 Emma Power Leggings
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Tommy Bahama Tema Skinny Jeans


  1. I have 4 pair of DL1961 Emma jeans. They have no vertical stretch and as a result, they bunch up and slide down. As they slide down, they smash my seat down. I tried several other styles of their jeans with poor results. I won’t buy DL stretch denim again.

    I have one pair of DL1969 Riley boyfriend jeans that supposedly came in a somewhat stretchy fabric. Even though I washed cold and line dried, the stretch disappeared from the jeans after about 10 wears, and that was a good thing. There is no reason for loose jeans to stretch. They look better now than they did new and they were cute new. They’re a loose boyfriend jean and they hang off of my hips. I would have to yank them to pull them down too far because I have the range of motion I need in them. Of course, I still pull them up after sitting on the floor. I wear the Riley jeans one size larger than my usual size. I recommend them.

  2. ” I always find myself having to pull them up ” Quote taken from the American Eagle Outfitters AEO Denim X Super Low Jegging review. BTW, the DL1961 jean also makes the 360 degree stretch claim. Try stretching them yourself before you believe that.
    So far, I have only seen one DL1961 jean that stretched in every direction, despite the 360 claim. It was an old style called Amanda and it was very popular. Here it is for $14! DL1969 is tailored for a flatter seat and fuller upper thigh. This Amanda is very stretchy, yet substancial, but it’s never good to rely on stretch to make up for buying a cut that doesn’t follow the shape of your body. That’s why I didn’t keep the pair I ordered last year. The ankles are pretty wide, but if you cut them off above the ankle or slice the sides open, these jeans would be very cute and current. The wash is great.

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