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The Sliding Jeans Syndrome – Duchess Kate Middleton

The Sliding Jeans Syndrome – Duchess Kate Middleton

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The sliding jeans syndrome does not distinguish between you, me, or any duchess. As you can see, Kate Middleton is trying to keep her jeans up just like everybody else that’s squeezing into girdle-like skinnies! She may be royalty, but among a wardrobe full of designer gowns, and Jackie-O inspired two-pieces, The Duchess Of Cambridge loves her off duty denims as much as the rest of us. Who can blame her? But it seems as much as The Duchess Of Cambridge adores her skinny fit jeans, she seems to be having a little problem with them. They keep falling down.

We’ve spotted Kate pulling up her jeans countless times, and we feel her pain!

Does this sound familiar? Popping on your jeans fresh out of the wash with a snug fit, to find by the end of the day they look like they are two sizes too big, and you are having to constantly hoist them up without no one looking. Nightmare.

So while I am trying to find some kind of explanations and how to avoid this problem – check it out here, and more to come – let me just point out one main factor from my own experience: the tighter the jeans fit, the more they are likely to stretch out when you wear them and therefor start sliding down. For me, the solution was to avoid wearing too super-tight skinnies, and instead going for a pair of jeans in a snug, but not “breathe-not” fit. The jeans stretch out much less like this and I feel more comfortable when I sit down or walk up some steps.

One solution would be adding a belt, but you can also try to keep your jeans up with fun suspenders if you are not a belt person! But the obvious solution would be to wear some boyfriend or even non-clingy straight leg jeans!

Kate here was wearing a pair of Zara jeans, a Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini double-breasted twill blazer, and RUSSEL AND BROMLEY x STUART WEITZMAN Halfnhalf stretch boots.

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  1. Her jeans seem to fit her well and the back pockets seem well-placed. She’s obviously not using her jeans as a girdle to reshape her body. Her body is perfect. I’m blown away that she can wear Zara jeans! If you have her body type, Zara could be quite a find. I often like Zara leather-free shoes.
    All of my pants, jeans or not, need a tug up once in a while. The jeans that creep down the fastest are the ones with little to no up and down stretch and more stretch in other directions. This is because bending, walking and sitting are all movements that pull on the fabric up and down. Since we don’t want a dropped crotch on a skinny, we rely on either vertical stretch or sliding down to be able to do those moves. My lulu no compression leggings rarely need to be pulled up, even in yoga class, because they have even stretch, and they hold up for years to daily extreme wear.
    Sadly, I haven’t found a jean with great recovery AND vertical stretch equal to the stretch in other directions. I wish the people who make lulu no compression leggings would make stretch denim!
    Jbrand made a pretty good one last year called hi-def stretch, but it didn’t hold up. They have some new stretch denim this year that I’m eager to try. They cut their skinny jeans very well.
    The best skinnies I have found so far for looking good long term and not sliding down much are from Frame. I can’t size down, but I wouldn’t if I could. I just buy the size that looks best on day 1, tuck in a skinny t shirt and go. Frame cuts their skinny jeans very well for a yoga butt, flat stomach and extra narrow thighs. The fabric is the best I have seen so far in a jean jcut for my body type.
    People with flatter seats and wider thighs rave about Rag & Bone skinnies and from what I have seen, some of their stretch fabrics do stretch evenly in all directions and recover well.
    Tailoring is very important for skinny jeans. Don’t rely on stretch to make your jeans fit. Don’t wear skinnys so high rise that they can’t slide down when you bend, and instead dig into your hip bones and stress the fabric far more than a mid rise would. That’s just a recipe for discomfort and a saggy seat.
    If anyone has found a jean with great recovery & durability that does stretch evenly in all directions, including up and down evenly, like a no compression lulu legging, please share!

    • It is impossible to generally recommend a brand or style, as even within the same brand and the same style, the fabrics and the washes change the way the jeans fit. My suggestion if you want to get this right, is to contact a brand through their website with your specific questions before buying the jeans.

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