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Read more about the newest in denim trends for next year’s fall and winter from Brazilian’s mega denim manufacturer, Vicunha:

โ€œAt present, we are experiencing the effects of true globalization unfolding. The current trend towards fewer restrictions is gaining the upper hand.

As a global player, VICUNHA TEXTIL has what it takes to fulfill these objectives. New technologies need to be integrated on an ongoing basis in order to keep in touch with the latest trends. Fashion factor and competitiveness play a leading role and without those, you are lost.

For a long time now, people have believed that everything has already been done in the stretch sector. But far from it, there is always newer and better coming along! Bi-stretch technology will spread rapidly and become less expensive. Denim knitwear also has a good chance in the future. The market is very price-sensitive and this fact is set to intensify as technological innovations are quickly becoming more universal.

VICUNHA has long since been one of the worldโ€™s leading companies when it comes to recycling and sustainability and this is something we have perfected over the last decade. Weโ€™re staying on the ball, finding innovative ways to save energy and reuse it during our production process. We are in a position to recycle every ounce of cotton and to save energy and return it into the production cycle, even separating chemical components and reusing them too,โ€ says Thomas Dislich, Managing Director of VICUNHA TEXTIL for Europe and Asia, about the current market situation.

With its product lines made of 100% BCI cotton, Brazilian denim specialist VICUNHA is showing the first trends for autumn/winter 2018/19 and setting new accents with a focus on SOFT TOUCH, COLOR, and PERFORMANCE:

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Soft Touch


Throughout the range softness and fluidity are paramount. Responding to the needs of the customer, VICUNHA offers fabrics with luxurious hand feel, drape and comfort. New denim articles are peachy, with an almost velvety hand feel, some made with satin for a luxurious feel, and others using core spun yarns and lyocell to maximize softness. Besides the item with unique touch, VICUNHA offers an extensive range of lightweight denims. Some with viscose and lyocell which can be used in lightweight bottoms in new, wider shapes, or for manufacturing dresses with a soft feel and fluidity.

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The Athletic leisure trend continues strongly for men’s and kids-wear with a wide range of grey melange, typical for sportswear. Heavier weight vintage denims well suited to the menswear market are introduced with more slubby surface texture and in more defined twill weaves. These come in a range of comfort and high stretch options. The retro influence still prevails with rigids, spilling over from men’s into high fashion women’s-wear. However the core of our women’s-wear still focuses on hi stretch materials with excellent stretch and recovery.

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Luminous and baby blues with pure indigo dye stuffs create a retro feel in the color palette. New blues emerge, brighter and more luminous washes are adding a new freshness to the overall color level. Other pure indigo dyes give great depth and fullness, new double dyes and overdyes in blue and black provide depth and fullness. This new intensity of dye provides the possibility of achieving strong highs and lows of wash levels within the same garment. New ways of coatings also provide new levels of wash variation and wash effects, enabling either a very clean, or very worn look.


  1. Post industrial recycling is hardly perfection in sustainability. Of course, most buyers don’t care, so I have no idea why Vicunha would exaggerate like this. Even organically grown cotton, with low water processing, post industrial recycling, fair trade certified, made at net zero, zero water facilities would not be “perfectly” sustainable, but it would be a good start.

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