Thomas Dislich, Managing Director of VICUNHA for Europe and Asia, draws a positive conclusion about the show in Munich:

“Munich Fabric Start with Blue Zone is always a steady show, and not only attended by the German market. We had a good number of foreign visitors looking for competitive prices and newness.

Regarding the products: Bi stretch was one of the key categories in most customers’ agenda and we offer an amazing option section for both, denim, and non-denim. The Athletic range was also very popular. We have expanded our collections to include different weights and textures ,including a PFD option which is right on trend, in a soft blue. An ever increasing number of key customers were looking specifically for sustainable fabrics. Customers who are already marketing sustainability with us plan to increase the sustainable products in their stores, recognizing its importance. We also had a lot of new visitors coming by our booth, focusing on this area only, which was very positive.”

“All in all the key trends at the show were:

EXTREMES OF WEIGHT, the very heavy and the very light, certainly we covered both aspects well.

STRETCH, with our offer of bi stretch and hi stretch articles we did well in this area.

SUMMER BLUES, this could be down to wash interpretation but we were also offering a fresh new palette of brighter blues.

GREEN ID, this one was an easy option for us with our range of seeded ecru twills in various weights and our strong history of sustainability.”