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Open Sea is part of Vicunha’s spring/summer 2018 collection that we have previously introduced.


The role of navigation in human culture has been very important throughout history. With ocean exploration and the discovery of a new world, only one thing is certain: sailing is necessary. Centuries passed by and even today, the fascination for the sea and its mysteries and beauties, breadth and fullness, continues to challenge mankind. The possibility of being in contact with nature, boarding for the new and different, broaden horizons, change and bring experience, is stimulating. Anchored in this concept, Open Sea is based on the relationship between cultures and oceans and suggests an elegant “global folk” style with diverse worlds references. The creations convey a delicate and lightweight aesthetics, eclectic and refined.

Designed in loose layers, the fabrics seem to flutter in the wind and remit to the balance of the waves. Natural fibers, shiny surfaces, soft touch, lightness and fluidity are the fabrics’ main characteristics, being  delicately washed, or colored in earthy tones inspired by the sky and the sea. Sailing in the coming and going of this theme tides, the surface works, such as
embroidery and applications, are created with organic shapes and free movements.

Denim Fabrics

Noble bases of light weights and soft touches bring smooth and dobby surfaces with fish bone and honeycomb designs. Also feature various compositions of fibers that go from natural, as lyocel and cotton, to the technological ones, with properties that further boost the breath-ability. Comfort and well-being are essential. Thus, it is extremely important the high stretch fabrics, allowing flexibility and freedom of movement. The highlights are bases with excellent recovery and those with multi-directional stretch. Premium fabrics with special dyeing can achieve vibrant shades, ranging from clear and saturated to the deep and intense.

The sea inspires the exploration of all shades of indigo, from raw to mid blue to the délavé. Blues are worked in a clean aspect, both in a clean visual as in a delicately spotted. Wear effects as threadbare, grinding and frayed hems give a rustic and vintage touch.

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