Kanye West presented his Fall 2017 Yeezy collection during New York Fashion Week. The collection included for the first time a small range of denim.

West introduced his denim there, and it looked cool: high of rise, loose-ish of fit, and tucked into knee-high boots in a way we haven’t seen in a while

There were denim jackets lined in shearling, mid-wash jeans, and a high-rise pair of stony grey boot-cut pant.

We have no idea of the price range, yet, but we will keep you updated.


  1. Love the washed black jeans in the second picture from the top, on the left side. Most of these jeans are bunching needlessly at the crotch and aren’t flattering. The denim jacket looks like it’s designed to fit badly. I like the extra long sleeves, the green sweater and the green flannel shirt. The boots are hideous.
    Overall, nothing new here. Most of the pieces look like they could have been purchased at Sears, Target, or Macys, this year, last year, the year before…

    • The bunching at the crotch is unavoidable with jeans that do not have stretch and I have absolutely no problem with this. I do have a problem only when it comes to stretch jeans, then this should not be happening. As for the collection per se, I have no idea what these pieces are going to look like in reality, so I reserve judgement for when I have seen and tried on:-). It is really hard sometimes, jeans may look like as if they were from Sears in the images, but look pretty cool once you wear them. And at any rate, I have bought some pretty cool denim in Target or Macy’s before….

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