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A “Cheeky” Claudia Schiffer Spotted in Spray-On Jeans

A “Cheeky” Claudia Schiffer Spotted in Spray-On Jeans

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Germany’s most famous ex-model, Claudia Schiffer, shows us all that she’s still “got it”! She was spotted out in London, wearing a pair of super skinny spray on jeans tucked into a pair of black suede over-the-knee boots.

And yes, she can! With a butt like this, I can’t imagine any kind of jean not looking great on her!

But still, there is this little crease visible under the butt cheeks an along the upper part of her legs. For those of you, our dear readers, who still worry about a detail like this, rest assured. If Claudia can, then you can, too! 😉

You can buy stretch spray on jeans at Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and at Revolve.



  1. Hideous. Vulgar. Horrible. If she can look this bad in skinny jeans, we cannot scrutinize the rear view enough. The fabric of these jeans is horrible. This is that junk that stretches like crazy horizontally and has no vertical stretch. The result is a deformed appearance. Especially when worn this tight, which is of course not a good idea. Lucky for her, all she has to do to look great again is change into ANY other pair of pants or a bikini.

  2. her booty is amazing i love the way she proves she’s still got it more than most models today

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