Alicia Keys attended the Yohji Yamamoto fashion show during the Paris Fashion Week in Paris, rocking a pair of skinny leather jeans.

She wore her cuffed leather pants with a black body suit with mesh details and a pair of outrageously eye-catching neon blue gladiator sandals. Alicia topped off her outfit with a funky colorful fake fur jacket. The leather pants are pretty interesting, featuring a lace-up fly instead of the regular zipper- or buttonfly.

I simply love the whole outfit, except for those neon blue gladiators, I probably would have chosen some edgy boots with Lucite heels to go with this outfit, but on Alicia it looks like, well, “celebrity”-like!

You can buy skinny leather pants at Shopbop.

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  1. i like the laces. i also like the heels. i don’t like lucite heels. i always think stripper. but maybe they would look nice as long as they weren’t platforms.

  2. These jeans exaggerate her figure flaws and the shoes pull the eye down, which isn’t flattering for her, either. The body suit is just gross and I would expect it to be unflattering with the jacket off. This is an outfit for someone who is very fit and wants to show off.

  3. She’s always been beautiful and gorgeous with out a doubt but seeing her now wow she got fat or maybe is those skinny pants she’s wearing I don’t know anyway she’s a 10 in my book lol.

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