black double denim

Transgender model, Andreja Pejic, adds a new dimension to the word trashy! Her black double denim outfit, which she wore at the premiere of the film, “Personal Shopper” (staring awesome Kristen Stewart), held at the Metrograph Theater in New York, is absolutely borderline! What with the top which has puffy off-shoulder sleeves and bleached frayed hems, and the pencil skirt which also has that bleach contrast at the hem… AND to top it off, those red mid-calf boots!?!

Well, I usually try not to judge too much, but this time I really couldn’t NOT say anything. Too bad, because I actually love the idea of black double denim which – I can’t figure out why – we really almost never see. Black on black denim is such a great way to rock a Canadian tuxedo and I wish we would see more celebrities doing it.

At any rate, sorry Andreja, but this outfit here is a big NAY! πŸ™

Check out some black denim jackets from Marc Jacobs and Topshop, and black denim skirts from Eve Denim and Missguided for a great double denim look.


  1. This is a somewhat flashy outfit at a flashy event and she went through hell to be able to be female. I think this outfit is feminine and screams GIRL from 200 feet away. She should enjoy herself. Other than the somewhat excessive details of the top, she is on trend, perhaps a few too many trends, but on trend. And looking better than most young women. I’m sure she’ll tone down the complexity of her outfits over time, as most young women do. πŸ™‚ I won’t follow this trend, but I think she looks beautiful.

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