denim jumpsuits

Ashley Tisdale showed her “dark” side, wearing a very somber and dark outfit, comprised of dramatically flared denim overalls in a very dark blue wash, and a short sleeved black turtleneck top.

Her overalls feature long patch pockets at the chest and a long zipper closure. The style is very fitted on top and then flares out to an almost wide leg.

It’s definitely a different take on denim overalls, and a good choice if you want to transmit a more classic and subdued vibe. We have not seen a lot of dark wash denim overalls around, usually they are pretty much distressed or in a medium- to light-blue hue.

You can buy flare leg denim overalls from Rag & Bone, Stella McCartney, and ASOS.

denim flares


  1. She is unrecognizable from all the plastic surgery. Had you not identified her, I would never have guessed it was her.
    The coveralls aren’t very flattering. The fabric and cut don’t work well together. Also jeans with a dropped crotch should not have a slim cut. I like the wash and the concept.

  2. I like these overalls. But not on her. Something is so off here. Size? Length of the straps? Or just a wrong for her fit? Ashley, please don’t wear them again, even better donate so somebody can atually look good in them!!!

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