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The 6th Edition of the Bangladesh Denim Expo is going to have even more exhibitors and visitors, which will therefore increase business for all involved.

Here is what the organizers tell us:

“Excitement is definitely growing for our upcoming Expo taking place on May 17th and 18th. Following the success of our 5th edition, we are excited to confirm an expanded exhibitor list, more organized events, a bigger floor space, and a vast increase in visitor registrations.

We are looking forwards to welcoming you to the next event, which is promising to be the most dynamic and internationally acclaimed of all to this date!”

“At the 5th edition there were 54 Exhibitors participated and now, at the 6th edition, we are counting a total of 58 exhibitors from 15 countries: Bangladesh, China, Turkey, Italy, South Korea, Pakistan, Germany, India, Hong Kong, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Spain, and Vietnam.

Visit us to discover the latest in trends & advances in fabrics and technologies that will shape the future of the denim business. Meet with potential suppliers and business partners from the entire supply chain, and develop lasting business relationships. You will also acquire a comprehensive insight into the Bangladesh Denim industry, discovering garments, threads, machinery, finishing equipment’s, and accessories.”

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