cut off denim jackets

Well, Bella Hadid here is sporting a pretty cool black double denim look, but the problem with this look is that it’s just too over-styled. I mean, each separate item here is actually insane and super rad, but all put together with matching black/white/splash of red (on t-shirt and the tuxedo stripes), including the black and white handbag and the white booties…This just doesn’t look too “natural” to me. Beware of “over-styling” LOL!

But apart from being too over as a total, we love those black Vetements two-tone black jeans with the red tuxedo double stripes, on sale now for ugghhh $1195, SAD FACE.

Bella’s wearing the right-now-must-have fishnet long sleeved top from Danielle Guizio, and – cool idea! – she layered a printed black t-shirt over it. She completed her look with a pair of white Stuart Weitzman Clinger booties, made of stretch satin. Everybody out there is trying to tell me that white booties are the next big trend this spring and summer. But, honestly, I still prefer white leather sneakers, especially after a long and tedious winter of wearing boots, and booties, and anything in between…

Now about that denim jacket – it is originally an Alexander Wang oversized denim jacket which was cut off to be cropped, cool? Or would you rather not?

If you want to go for a similar look without the biggie price tag, try the black jeans from Mavi and the trashed denim jacket from H&M.

black double denim


  1. This look makes me feel uptight. I guess I assume the jeans aren’t flattering enough from the back to justify this super cropped jacket. They aren’t unflattering or flattering from the front. The boots look uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the over styling. Or the fact that she has looked much better in other clothes. Lots of work went into this outfit, but the result seems to hide her looks, instead of playing them up.

  2. Her outfit reminds me of something out of an 80’s movie almost like a costume. I do enjoy the stripes on the jeans though.

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