double denim

Diane Kruger was spotted out in Germany, where she is currently filming a German language film.

She was wearing a double denim outfit with an oversized black hoodie and a pair of really edgy ankle boots from MM6 Maison Margiela.

Her jacket is the classic Denim Trucker Jacket from Levi’s in a medium blue wash, and her jeans are a pair of cropped straight legs in almost the same identical shade of blue.

We are seeing cropped straight leg jeans as well as regular length straight legs everywhere now. As I had already posted a couple of days ago, straight leg jeans are going to take over the skinnies. Well, kind of, skinnies will always be popular, but let’s say, straight leg jeans are right now the most trendy style and you absolutely need to get a pair ASAP!

You can buy straight leg jeans here and here.


  1. She looks great in these jeans. I wonder who made them. It’s hard to get straight jeans right because they often create
    sausage legs. The outfit and hair cut are very german. I’m not a fan of this jacket, but it works here.
    Few women are wearing straight jeans in Los Angeles, which is great because I think we need variety and we need to get away from all wearing the same things. So many tastes, so many options, so many body types. People should wear what looks good on them, what’s comfortable and what they enjoy. We need to think for ourselves and show it.

  2. YAY to doing your own thing and wear what is good for you. And not be a fashion victim. And not let anyone dictate you what to wear. πŸ˜‰

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