vintage blue jeans

Emily Ratajkowski was spotted leaving Mr. Chow’s restaurant in Beverly Hills, looking super sexy in a black totally transparent long sleeved lace top, vintage-y jeans, and high heel, very pointy, strap pumps for her night on the town.

Emily was wearing a perfect vintage like jeans in the trendy newest must-have fit: a higher waisted relaxed straight leg style.

Even though I have recently stopped liking Emily very much, I still have to be fair and say that I totally adore this look of a flimsy lace top and a pair of heavy weight beaten up jeans, paired with dainty Balenciaga Slash Triple-Strap Leather Pumps.

You can purchase similar relaxed and high waisted straight leg jeans here. We found some sexy black lace tops from Fleur du Mal (this is a boy-suit), WAYF, and Topshop.

hi rise straight leg jeans


  1. This looks fine. I don’t see anything special here, except that her boyfriend jeans are just barely big enough not to add the illusion of bulk to her legs. I think most BF jeans are being worn too small.

    • As I said in my post – these are not supposed to be boyfriend jeans. The are a relaxed, high waisted, straight leg style 🙂

    • Kitty, I freaking LOVE how opinionated you are! That’s truly sensational! Beacause you are strong and confident and therefore right. With that said I personally adore Emily’s look. Not entirely sure who she is (living here in Switzerland I often feel like living under a rock (particularly about US celeb life)) but she looks good. The jeans are super but the best is the seamless coordination between her lace top and the bra! How they say it in Italy – “Brava”!!!

      • hahahaha under a rock LOL – as much as we here in the USA live under a rock when it comes to European celebs!!!

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