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Emma Roberts Wearing Cropped Flare Leather Jeans

Emma Roberts Wearing Cropped Flare Leather Jeans

black cropped leather pants

Emma Roberts was spotted at LAX, ready to travel in a pair of black leather jeans and a flowing beige coat.

Her leather jeans are a cropped flare, featuring an exposed zipper fly. Her very feminine coat is the wool and cashmere coat from Chloe and it looks really amazing, especially paired with the rather tomboy-sh flare leather jeans and the grungy asshole t-shirt, which are a total contrast. Emma added a pair of red Adidas Gazelle sneaker, to create an even more insane juxtaposition and we love it!

You can buy flare leather pants from Unravel, and J Brand. If you are not a “leather person”, go for the vegan leather jeans from Mother, or BLANKNYC.

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  1. This is the first time I have seen leather jeans look flattering, at first glance. Few things are uglier than fashion that was once drenched in blood. I’m sad to see Emma Roberts demonstrate such lack of compassion and consciousness. I hope she reads his and changes her mind about leather.

  2. i’m a leather person but i’m not a fan of the cropped flare. but it might look better if dressed differently. could just be the shoes. though the jacket looks very nice.

    • I think about the only person that cropped flare jeans would look good on might be Karlie Kloss with her eternal long legs. I totally believe that cropped flares in general are never very flattering, but as the story goes… we are all fashion victims at one time or another! 😉

      • Interesting. I hate that they are leather, but she’s obviously short and the outfit looks very flattering to me. These jeans are very slightly cropped on her. This is how regular length jeans look on me and I like that long cropped length. I hate the way flares look when they cover the shoe. This style looks fresh to me. I don’t like a 26 or 27″ inseam on someone who is above average height unless they’re wearing startreck boots or have incredibly straight shins. And I dislike retro clothes. If not for the leather I would give this an A+.

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