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Eva Longoria has just launched her newest denim collection, and according to her, “it sucks everything in the right places”.

Yeah, right, as if we needed yet another spanx denim (?) brand – well, at least for me, all this spanx thing is anything but real denim. These jeans tend to feel more like spandex twill pants and not like denim jeans. But if you don’t mind, then here you go! Especially if you love white jeans.

When it comes to spring color trends, Eva Longoria can’t get enough of all white everything. And no, the actress and fashion designer, who just unveiled her spring collection from her namesake line, isn’t going to wait until Memorial Day to pull out her coveted white denim either.

Eva knows most women might feel wary that white jeans will look unflattering on their bodies, but she designed white denim for her EL Collection (which comes in sizes 0 to 18, including options for petites!) with those ladies in mind.

“I am like a white jeans girl year round,” says Eva, “The Labor Day rule is out the window. Wear your white jeans all year round! My denim acts like a Spanx. It sucks everything in in the right places,” she told us. “It’s not super thin denim that shows all the flaws in your body. This is a really structured denim with a four way stretch that’s complimentary and allows you to wear that white jean. And the white jean in my denim line is my favorite!”

To get the perfect fit for all the pieces she designed, Longoria enlisted her friends and family to give feedback, especially when it came to the denim. “They were like, ‘Eh, I wish it stretched more,’ or ‘Eh, I wish the waist was a little higher,’” she said. “All of my friends, my sisters and my family come in all different sizes, so I wanted to make sure that my line was accessible for the everyday woman.”

You can check out the Eva Longoria denim line here.

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  1. I like the bomber. I am a huge fan of Langoria’s, but these jeans aren’t good. The whiskering is tacky, calls attention to the crotch and all those starburst lines there give the illusion of more bulk. Rolled cuffs on a short woman is a don’t. Rolled cuffs on stretch denim is a don’t. The knee slits on super tight stretch denim will make the exposed skin bulge out. The models online don’t look good in the jeans, either. Langoria has a body for skinny jeans despite her size, and so do some of the models, but the fabric and the itty bitty high pockets, are a don’t. Most importantly, if Langoria doesn’t like her size, she can easily size back down by taking care of herself. She knows exactly how to do it. Living well is not that hard and the rewards go beyond looking good in jeans.

    • PS. The reason I assume she doesn’t like her size is because she’s trying to create denim that works like a girdle. She looks great in a bikini and is obviously pretty fit. Since denim makers don’t even have comfort stretch mastered, girdle denim is never going to look right. Far better to be half an inch bigger in denim that doesn’t do this and/or opt for a style with some ease, drape and grace. Skinny jeans put the spotlight of the outfit on the lower body and legs. For most people, that’s not a good idea, but when it is, girdle denim is not going to make the look better.

      • Absolutely right – this is what I have been trying to tell our readers for ages and this is why I love 100% cotton jeans. Heavier weight jeans. Real denim. It does not show bulges and imperfections anywhere close to thin stretch jeans.

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