February Denim Winners
Congrats to all our winners, welcome to our newest members, and thanks to everyone that participated on Denimology this month. 

Here’s the winners for February… Enjoy your new denim!

3×1 abejeans
Buffalo David Bitton luisirizarry
Cult of Individuality Vibert
Joe’s Jeans treetrout1
PRINCIPLE Denim Innovators Kwelter479
RED CARD hydra44
Robin’s Jeans Nrlee1025
Silver Jeans tinkerpin
Siwy claridadalterada
Triarchy TMS
Velvet Heart khenry
Williamsburg Garment Co. iamdunne

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All of us @denimology would like to thank you for your continued readership over the last 10 years and for being a part of our Denimology family. Please let us know how we can make your reading experience even better.


  1. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH MY GOD I WON A PAIR OF Buffalo jeans ? oh my god thank you ? thank you so much happy anniversary demonology you guys are the best.

      • Hey Nathan how’s things over at denimology hope everything is well , I have a question how long would it be before I will hear from you and buffalo can u please help me on this matter thank you Luis Irizarry. Have a great day.

          • Hey Nathan I did check my spam mail and it was there a Scot was then one that sent me the email
            Question why is it that the email is going to spam mail ?

  2. Nathan I will let you know how they look and feel but I got a question how do I get them and the size of my waist ?

  3. Dear Nathan
    I wanted to ask you a question about the winners of last month am on the list, the question is how long would it take to hear from buffalo or denimology about where to sent the jeans or my size, so Nathan thank you for the opportunity in winning these jeans. Luis Irizarry. Winner of a pair of buffalo jeans.

  4. You should have gotten an email from Scot already connecting you with the brand. Some brands are slow on reaching out so there’s no telling. If you don’t hear from them in a week or so, let us know.

  5. Hey Nathan
    Is been more then two weeks since the last time we text one another I haven’t heard nothing as of yet, I just wanted to know is everything ok ? Am a little confuse I remember when you text me that buffalo jeans would be contacting me about my size and mailing address, ok Scot texts said something different he mentions something about that Williamsburg Gatment. Co should be contacting me about my size and address so this is a little confusing so I would like to know who will be the one contacting me ?

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