baggy jeans men

Daddy-to-be, George Clooney, was smiling all over, as he was spotted at LAX in Los Angeles.

He wore a pair of – what I call – regular “guy” jeans, meaning the kind of jeans that you see most of the guys wear in everyday life, not the young and hip celebs, of course LOL!

They are usually exactly like George’s jeans here, in a medium wash, baggy, and relaxed, almost dragging on the floor. In some cases they are hemmed and just reach to the ankles (blaahh). But it is what it is and we have to deal with all kinds of denim tastes here. So if you are “the regular guy-man”, then these jeans are what you love.

Hey, we are not judging here, just reporting and there is really nothing wrong with baggy and relaxed jeans for the dudes. Actually, we found some pretty cool ones, if you want to go this way, from 7 for All Mankind, BLANKNYC, and Joe’s.

relaxed jeans men


  1. Flawless, perfect, timeless, uncontrived, no BS, masculine, flattering, ideal. So are the jeans.

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