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Hailey Baldwin, who is currently in Paris, was wearing an insane reworked Lee denim jacket paired with low waisted red and black striped skinny pants.

While other people still are drooling or debating over wearing fishnet stockings underneath ripped jeans, Hailey already went one step further by donning a fishnet bodysuit!

Hailey’s denim jacket is pretty cool with patches all over one of the sleeves, and different patchwork denim on the other. Besides the cut-off and frayed collar and cuffs of the jacket, the original darker wash was kept, and there is no other kind of destressing. I rather like this kid of reworked denim as opposed to the overly destroyed and destructed version we are seeing a lot out there.

And don’t fret, if you are into fishnet bodysuits, this one is the Fishnet Turtleneck bodysuit from Danielle Guizio. It’s pretty cool actually with the added turtleneck – kind of a juxtaposition to the otherwise very revealing fishnet “coverage”! Here are some similar fishnet tops from Forever 21 and Cinq à Sept.

You can buy patch denim jackets at ASOS, from Bagatelle, and from Trippy.

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  1. This outfit is desperately ugly. I imagine there is a way to wear this jacket that looks much better, but I have to look away.

  2. I absolutely love the jacket! And I enjoy the pink rock feel of the striped pants. I’m kind of meh on the top though.

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