two tone jeans

Hilary Duff was out shopping in Studio City, Los Angeles, wearing a very trendy and fashion-must pair of two-tone jeans from AG. The jeans are the Phoebe Vintage High Waist Straight Leg Jeans, and they combine like five trends in one single pair: two-tone, shadow pockets, frayed hem, high waisted, and 100% cotton! So you can buy only one pair of jeans to combine all trends – or would you rather just buy one pair featuring each trend separately?

At any rate, I am just the editor here and “reporting” the jeans. Now, if you ask me personally, I can’t really say I love these jeans. It’s because when it comes to my denim, I am more of an authentic, “real” and keep-it-simple denim person, and I usually avoid fashion trends, opting rather for a vintage or a more edgy kind of style and wash. Of course, there are quite a few fashion trends that I also totally love and wear, like boyfriend jeans, or drop-crotch, and even some frayed hems. And ripped as well as distressed jeans are my absolute favorite’s!

You can also buy similar two-tone and very trendy jeans from Forever21, Roberto Rodriguez, and Joe’s.

shadow effect pockets


  1. She needs to wear these 2 sizes bigger. Imagine being jammed into skin-tight no-stretch denim! The style is nice, when the jeans are big enough to drape and she needs drape. The jeans accentuate her figure issues when worn in this size. The details on these jeans call attention to her lower half, which is not her best feature, but this whole outfit might look great and be flattering if she wore these jeans loose.

  2. She looks amazingly beautiful in those gorgeous jeans and people need to really stop creitirizing about how people look or how to wear jeans.

    • This is a denim blog. How to look good in denim is part of the topic. If you like this fit, that’s up to you. 🙂

    • ughhh if we had to stop criticizing and/or give denim advice – what would we be posting about then?????

  3. She looks freakishly bad! And it’s not the jeans fault, neither the size is really that wrong. It’s those booties that could have been so cute with a pair of skinnies or a denim dress. But in this particular outfit they are just a style slayer. They kill the look, kill her body, kill everything… A pair of a strappy sandals even just with a minor heel would make this ensemble THE BOMB!

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