mid rise jeans

Jamie King, wearing a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans, was out doing some shopping in West Hollywood.

She wore her quite interestingly tailored jeans with a sleeveless, loose fitting, grey turtleneck tank top from McGuire halfway tucked into the waistband of the jeans and a pair of pointy black suede booties.

Jamie’s jeans feature side slit pockets instead of the traditional 5-pocket styles, and the back pockets of her jeans are placed very low on the butt. The extra feature of quilted knee-pads adds some charm to her jeans.

You can buy boyfriend jeans at Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, and ASOS.

embellished jeans


  1. The best jeans and best outfit I have seen in ages! I LOVE this! If you can find out who made these jeans, please post!

  2. I love the quilting! These remind me of a pair of joes jeans I have from about 2 years back. I love interesting details on denim to keep the look fun and fresh.

  3. I love the top, too, but I am not going to run around without a bra or with my bra showing under the arms. I wish it covered the pit area. The drape is gorgeous but going braless is too suggestive for LA.

  4. Lizette, does it look like she got these a size bigger than would stay up and then had them taken in in the waist? I considered doing that to a pair at Rag&Bone tonight, even though they make my size, to make the cut more obviously oversized.

    • I don’t see any darts – not sure if she had them taken in. But if this helps: I always get my boyfriends one size bigger and wear them either low-hung on the hips or high rise with a belt. I hate taking in jeans at the waistband because if you don’t do this right, there will always be some bulges

      • If you come across any jeans that fit like the jeans above, please post!
        I was at Rag&Bone yesterday trying the engineer pants, which I love in the pictures online. I went there to buy them. Trying on was just to get the right size.
        I sized up to the 24, because the 23 fit as if I had a distorted torso (loose jeans with drooped crotch and very stiff fabric, made me look like gumby). The 24 just barely stayed up, but no drape in the crotch, just more body distortion. I tried the 25, which went on without opening and they were vetoed by store clerks who were too nice to go for a commission, even at closing time.
        I love the concept of the engineer jeans and I suspect the model online sized up, but I think baggy dropped crotch jeans have to be made out of a softer denim for drape, like the picture above? Is that right?
        Is there any way to pull off an oversized dropped crotch in stiff denim?
        I’m considering going back to Rag&Bone for a pair of low rise boot cut jeans. They are also made of stiff no stretch denim, they are not oversized, they fit just right, comfortable and lean and they are long enough, for a change. If I wear them to work, where I sit 10 hours a day, will that destroy heavy no-stretch denim that is not oversized?

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