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Meet the Ukrainian fashion brand, Ksenia Schnaider, and its skater-boy shorts/distressed skinny jeans hybrid. This is one pair of jeans with a very “split personality”, but perhaps it’s their inherent weirdness that has captured the imaginations of the more adventurous influencers. This particular style, which looks almost like two separate pieces, shorts over skinny jeans, is called the Demi Jean.

With both wide-leg skate jeans coming back into vogue and a street style rise in dresses worn over denim pants during London Fashion Week, perhaps it makes sense that this pre-layered creation has become a coveted one.

Once you’ve clocked the distinctive cut, it’s easy to see how far and wide the surprising denim must-have has spread: Australia to Germany, Great Britain to Seoul… The frequency in which we are spotting them on social media is ramping up by the hour.

But are you on board? Would you at least give them a try? Strangers things have happened on the street lol!

Check out here some influencers rocking pieces form Ksenia’s collection.

You can shop for this collection at

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  1. Ummmm… No. Skater fashion is for… skaters. No hate, but there’s a reason that super-wide leg trend didn’t last very long.

    • what’s the reason besides that you have to wear them with super high platforms?

  2. I love these! It’s rare to see innovation. I’m not a fan of the styling in the pictures above, except the bottom picture. Love many pieces on their site, especially the dark open knee version of these jeans and their dark button down short sleeved denim dress with the shirt tail hem below the knee. I would love to try those pieces on. Are they for sale?

  3. These are very fun and interesting. It’s great to see how designers try to innovate denim.

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