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Kendall Jenner and Paris Jackson were photographed as they shopped at the Melrose Trading Post in Los Angeles.

While searching for finds at a local flea market, the celebrity progeny each put their own spin on everyday denim.

Kendall went the sleek and streamlined route with a bright lime green sweater topping off her light-wash Levi’s jeans with a cropped straight leg. A Louis Vuitton monogrammed miniature Speedy bag lent her look a throwback touch that was in line with the day’s vintage-hunting theme, as much as that green sweater, which looks like very vintage-y to me!

Paris opted for a pair of almost totally trashed boyfriend jeans. Her perfectly worn-in and beaten up black Converse high-tops and hippie-chic accessories, like a peace-sign necklace, added a cool finish. And while the sweatshirt-wrapped-round-the-waist look can read a tad sloppy, when coupled with a messenger bag bearing a Rastafarian motif, the styling choice took on a directional new feel. Completing the model-off-duty look for both were tinted round sunglasses.

Kendall’s jeans are the Levi’s wedgie jeans, available on the Levi’s website and at Urban Outfitters. And you can find very trashed and distressed boyfriend jeans from One Teaspoon, available at Nordstrom and at Shopbop.

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  1. As one of the comments said the other day. CAMEL TOE. Neither of them looks very good in their jeans.

  2. I like both outfits, EXCEPT… just say no to ironed jeans. The vertical faded stripe down the center of the leg of Kendall’s jeans is why you don’t iron your jeans.

    • sometimes this is just the effect of “refurbished” jeans, the way the jeans were folded when they did the washing or treatment. But I agree about now way ironing jeans!

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