Kendall Jenner was out and about Paris in yet another of her eye-catching outfits.

She teamed a pair of off white and painted Come Tees Duppy Conqueror Jeans with a black Ambush Fur Denim Jacket, both sold out, unfortunately. Kendall completed her outfit with a t-shirt dress from R13 and a pair of high stack-heel studded booties.

We love these jeans – they are from Come Tees, which is actually a t-shirt brand, as you can probably deduct from the name, but they did these denims in a capsule collection and we are raving about them!

You can buy painted jeans here and here. Or, better still, you can DIY, or do what I did – asking my neighbor’s kiddies to go wild on a pair of my old and pretty bleached out jeans, just give them a couple of textile markers!


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