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Fashion forward models, Kendall Jenner and Kate Bosworth, have been spotted wearing wide-cuff jeans lately again.

Actually, the first time I had ever noted a celebrity in this kind of cuffed jeans was Sarah Jessica Parker a few years ago – remember she’s pretty short and all jeans seem to be quite a lot too long for her. But at that time nobody thought much about it, and now we are seeing the wide cuff pretty much everywhere. This time as one of the hottest fashion trends.

So, cuffed denim is making a serious comeback and the key to the perfect fitting jeans isn’t a trip to the seamstress, but rather a simple roll of the wrist (well, in most cases, the jeans come pre-rolled…but still).

So jump on this new, budding trend’s bandwagon (because before you know it everyone and their moms will be wearing them), and invest in a trendy pair. Your tailor won’t be happy about it, but your bank account will !$!

Kendall here is wearing a pair of the RE/DONE Blue High-Rise Straight Cuffed Jeans, available at SSENSE. Check out other options from Simon Miller, BLANKNYC, 7 for All Mankind, and Joe’s.

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  1. Jenner’s jeans look gross in the crotch. She needs a size bigger. Big jeans require drape. They must not hug – especially in the crotch.
    Bosworth looks perfec as always.
    As for the big cuff, it’s been around for a long time and I don’t mind it. If the prediction is that everyone will be wearing something, that means the item will be tiresome long before it’s worn out.
    I find it hard to simply find a good, flattering, comfy pair of jeans. I’m not shopping for details.


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