shredded jeans

Kendall Jenner doesn’t like to be outdone by BFF, Gigi Hadid, and took the ripped jeans trend one level higher!

She was spotted out in Milan during the Milan Fashion Week, sporting a pair of mostly shredded and held up by some threads only jeans! But Kendall was smart enough to opt for wearing a pair of fishnets underneath, just in case of a denim mishap…..imagine getting caught at a sharp corner or the edge of a table, one little tug is probably all it takes to shred these jeans to pieces 😉 !

No, you guessed right, I absolutely do not love these jeans. Too artificially distressed was never my thing. I much prefer the more “moderate” ripped jeans on a pair of vintage, or, at least, vintage-look light blue pair.

Check out some more “natural” looking ripped jeans from Current/Elliott *the boyfriend “masters”!), One Teaspoon (moderate distressing lol), and Only Extreme Distressed Boyfriend Jeans (natural vintage-like wash with the knee holes!).

baggy jeans


  1. These are great, theatrical jeans. The sunglasses, cap and boots take the outfit down several notches.

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