cropped fringe hem jeans

Yeah, I know, lots of you guys are going to find Khloe Kardashian’s outfit pretty tacky – BUT: First off, these jeans fit Khloe like a glove. Pay attention to the detailed waistband and the contorting of the jean’s back enhancing Khloe’s body shape. As trashy as these jeans may be, their tailoring is impeccable.

The front of the jeans features rips along the legs, and the hems are a fashionable fringe hem.

Khloe’s wearing the Good Legs Fray, and as all of the jeans on their website, you can choose between three fit models to find your best fitting pair. This is quite a unique touch and we absolutely applaud it. Shopping for your perfect jeans is so much easier like this!

Check out some other denim styles here. An you can also buy Good American jeans at Nordstrom.

curvy skinny jeans


  1. Plastic surgery and BDD nightmare. It’s hard to look close enough to comment on tailoring or appreciate any piece of clothing that doesn’t cover her up.

    • PS. Actually, if you look at the tailoring, the crotch look bad. Of course that may be a problem with the fabric instead of the tailoring,

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