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Melanie Griffith Spotted in a Double Denim Outfit

Melanie Griffith Spotted in a Double Denim Outfit

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Melanie Griffith was spotted the other day out for a walk in West Hollywood. She wore a Canadian Tuxedo, comprised of a pair of bootcut jeans and a classic denim jacket, both in a very similar light blue wash, but with no distressing or rips.

Melanie looks super cool in these low-rise bootcuts – why have we not seen much of any bootcut jeans out there for years?! Maybe because it’s like they’re kind of neither/nor. Neither skinnies, nor flares, but somewhere in between. I usually find them kind of meh….but Melanie here makes me re-thing the bootcut again. They make her legs look long and lean, the whole outfit looks, um,  “effortlessly chic”, which is a phrase I usually hate to use, but it perfectly describes Melanie’s look here!

So, resuming, Melanie sure made me do things I haven’t done in a while, searching for some new bootcut jeans out there. Here is what I have found from Hudson, Joe’s (these are for the curvy ladies!), 7 for All Mankind, and Citizens of Humanity.


  1. She looks adorable, even though I hate the boot cut/high heel combo. These are truly sexy old lady jeans, and Melanie Griffith is a long way from being an old lady.

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