low rise jeans

Mila Kunis stepped out in Beverly Hills, wearing skinny jeans and a black and white long sleeved t-shirt.

She completed her look with a pair of black snakeskin platform sneakers featuring a small zipper on the side – really a cute pair of slip-on’s!

As opposed to what a lot of people are saying, skinny jeans ain’t going anywhere, no matter how hard some brands (and a lot of editors) push new styles like micro-flares, or straight leg jeans, or non-stretch jeans, these will only be an addition to our skinnies. We might let the skinnies rest for a while in the depth of our closet, but sooner or later, we’ll always reach out for them again.

So, like Mila Kunis, we’ll still spend a lot of days in our skinnies… check out some great new washes and especially, some cropped styles now for summer, at Nordstrom and at SAKS, where they have a friends and family promo going on right now, 25% off is a good reason to stock up!

skinny cropped jeans


  1. These are pretty bagged out and the wash is not good, but she has such a good body that it doesn’t matter. The outfit is cute.

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