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Have you ever experienced the high of having found something you had been looking for and almost given up on? Well, that was exactly what happened to me when I got “face-to-face” with the white Parker Smith jeans shown here.

Ever since I can remember I have had problems with white jeans. Either they were too see-through, or too skinny, showing every single of my existent and even non-existent bulges, or they just plain made me look fat. At any rate, I am really over-finicky when it comes to white jeans.

And as I am off to a short get-away to a sunny island this weekend – how could I not take a pair of whites with me?! 😉

The solution came via a totally unexpected surprise when I visited the Parker Smith booth at the Coterie tradeshow here in NYC. Seriously, I wouldn’t even have looked twice at the white jeans (WHITE jeans, nah) if it wasn’t for the fact that when I checked out the denim hanging next to them and realized that these white guys were neither stretchy nor made of thin see-through fabric. Well, they do have a 1% of Elastane – actually this is just for a bit of comfort, because the jeans do not stretch at all.

So off to my get-away WITH my white babies YAY!

You can buy the PS white anti-fit jeans on their website.

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  1. Very blurry pictures. From what I can make out, these look good and well-sized. Inseam alert! 27″. Will not look like this on anyone over 5’6″.

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