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PRPS Women – The Patchwork Dress

PRPS Women – The Patchwork Dress

patchwork denim dress

We have just recently introduced the brand new PRPS women’s lookbook and we will be posting here about several most intriguing styles during the next few months.

The first piece of the collection that made me feel like – I WANT RIGHT NOW PLEASE SEND BY FEDEX OVERNIGHT – was this adorable denim dress. After months and months of when the clothes chose me instead of me choosing them because it was so cold out there, I am ready for something totally different.

Come spring, I want to give my jeans, cropped or not, a break and not think about anything covering me up! I want to feel free and unrestricted again, but no way am I giving up on my denim!

This adorable number from PRPS women is a patchwork dress, sleeveless and featuring knife pockets, and a zipper closure on the back:

“Mod is the move for this patchwork-denim shift dress. It’s casual-cool and retro-inspired with a raw, uneven hemline that offers a more modern final touch.”

And you don’t even have to wait for summer weather to wear the dress. Pair it now with a long-sleeve top and throw a cropped hoodie on top, add a pair of fun tights and velvet booties, or a pair of platform sneakers.

PRPS also has the same patchwork denim in a mini skirt, which is just as adorable and pretty eye-catching, I would go for it if you are not a dress person! This would look so cool right now, too, paired with one of the New York based Knowlita brand’s oversized sweatshirts that keep popping up everywhere.

You can shop or pre-order the PRPS women’s item on their website.


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