Um – the cropped white top is really like a winter must-do-item judging by the looks of an amazing array of celebrities!

This time it’s Miss Rihanna, showing off her midriff on a freezing Paris winter night. She wore her white cropped top from Off-White with the most insane black denim outfit, consisting of the widest leg jeans ever and a matching black denim jacket. I actually had to double check that this was not a denim maxi skirt!

RiRi completed her outfit with a pair of white Vetements sock boots ($1260) – another item we have been spotting a lot on celebs this season.

Have you tried a pair of sock-boots yet? I tried on a pair just recently and did not like the feel at all. It was kind of restricting the blood-flow in my lower leg an ankles, even though they were not super tight. And in spite of the rather low and sturdy heel, I felt pretty insecure walking in them.

But if you feel like you need a pair of those, check out these for way le$$ the price than any Vetements!

And if you are also brave enough to face winter-cold in white cropped tops, you can shop for them here and here.


  1. I have a brilliant pair of leather-free sock boots from Zara and they cost less than lunch. The denim in this outfit is cute. The outfit is badly put together. She usually dresses better.

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